Questions and Answers about "Secrets of Speed Publicity"

Marlon, what is the main purpose of How to Get a Flood of Publicity For Your Business?

It's a slam dunk education in obtaining low-cost publicity.

Publicity is free in that newspapers, magazines and online sources don't charge you for the publicity. However, there is a real, tangible cost to obtaining the publicity.

However, the cost is small in comparison to the benefits of good publicity.

What will it teach me?

It's a complete explanation of the publicity system used by an entrepreneur who is very skilled in obtaining publicity.

What is the main benefit of How to Obtain a Flood of Publicity For Your Business?

This is original information. You aren't going to read it in other products unless they copied us.

It teaches a targeted, lethally effective publicity system through which you can get information about your product mentioned in magazines, newspapers, online wire services and newsletters.

What separates your publicity system from the other how to products on the market?

I'm friends with many if not most of the other online marketers who train people. So I would never criticize their products. In fact, many of them are very good. I endorse some of them.

However, no one else teaches the strategy in this product. It's detailed and specific.

Now, the reason to buy the product isn't to learn something "new." You may or may not do that. The reason is that we're teaching you a complete overall system, strategy and approach.

Also, remember this is done in an interview format. It isn't like most ebooks. Elaine is a very busy and successful lady. I had to work hard to land the interview.

I noticed you say you sell other products. What else do you sell?

The Amazing Formula is my intro product on marketing. Everything else builds on it like Gimme My Money Now, How to Create Your Own Products In a Flash, How to Craft Drop Dead, Killer Ad Copy and so forth.

Of course, How to Obtain a Flood of Publicity For Your Business is only about obtaining publicity.

Can I use this strategy to obtain traffic to my web site?

That's a terrific use for it.

Will this system work for me guaranteed?

Nope, there are no guarantees in business. Success depends on a complex basket of abilities and factors no one has ever fully codified. However, we do guarantee your money back if it doesn't work for you.

Do you provide free consulting if I buy your product?

No, my consulting fee is $1,000 per hour. The reason I create information products is to make my advice more accessible for those who can't afford the consulting.

How much do I make on the reseller program?

The cool thing about the product is you can sell it for 50% profit. You can do that even if you don't buy it. Send an email to for details.

Anyway, you not only make 50% on How to Obtain A Flood of Publicity For Your Business, you make 50% on our upsells, downsells, other products, 404 errors and other things. We do the follow up for you.

We have the most extensive reseller tools in the business.