Here is our Privacy Policy

Dear Internet Friend,

We use cookies on our web site in order to know what page you enter my site on, what page you exit on, how long you stay here, what browser you used and also to track who referred you to our site. 

That's what cookies do.  Nearly everything else you hear about them is b.s. and hysteria.  They are extremely small text files that give marketers basic information make your web surfing experience better.

I use Human Click which allows us to chat with customers real time and gives us the above basic stats.  I also use Web Trends Live, which uses cookies to give me stats on my site.

You should refer to the Web Trends Live Privacy Policy to learn how they collect and use information. You can find Web Trends Live's privacy policy here:

Also, we take credit card orders on our site. We maintain databases with your order information in secure areas.