These 3 Simple Steps You Get Publicity, Flood Your Web Site With Traffic Or Sell Your Products, Services & Ideas

If you can write 300 words and click send, and you have $75 (more or less) in your pocket, you could get your product promoted on hundreds of web sites -- maybe even the world's most prestigious ones like I did!

-- Plus, the nifty new software program
that virtually writes your 1-pager for you!

From: Marlon Sanders
1844 Bandera Rd.
#469 Helotes, TX

Dear Friend,

This one will blow your mind.

Most people have no idea about it. It's one of the neatest promotion opportunities, and I doubt your competitors use it at all.

Here's how it works:

Whip out a 1-page press release according to our simple Speed Publicity formula.

You can do this in no time flat if you're a decent writer. It's 300 words. One page.

If you absolutely can't write a lick, there are people who will do this for you at a fair price.

What's more, our new publicity software program makes writing your press release a snap. Fill in the blanks. Click a button. Out pops your press release ready for polishing and finishing.

Email, fax or mail it to the special web site or address in my ebook

Most people don't know about this service. That's really too bad. It's a great service.

Sit back and watch your products get promoted all over the Internet like crazy.

That's it. It's that simple...and dare I say easy? Anytime you need more customers, just send out more releases.

Using this system, I have literally put together a publicity promotion in a few days and had my web site jamming like crazy with traffic within 24 hours.

You should've seen what happened to my web site traffic when my story streamed across the Yahoo! Finance section!

Holy smokes!

I hope you get the power of what I'm showing you.

1. These press releases are only one page. So you can write them yourself or you can get someone to do it for you for $50-$150 each. $300 if you hire a hot shot. I give you the resource I use to hire pr writers in my course.

2. You can turn it on and off at any time. If you have too much business, just don't send out a release that week. If you need more business, send out two!

3. What you're going for here is consistency -- every week you drop out your press release. Some will hit big. Some will suck. Most will be somewhere in between. But it's the consistency that counts.

4. You can automate the system. Each week your writer sends you the press release via email. You take 2 minutes to log onto one of the online PR services, you upload the press release and you're done.

That's your marketing for the week. Cost? $150-$300 total. Less if you take 30 min. to an hour to write the release yourself.

I've used this system in my own business and can testify that it works. I've seen my hit counter on my web site spin faster than a fan. I've gotten the JV phone calls, calls from major media wanting interviews, calls for a speaking gig. All from my press releases.

This absolutely works if you stick with it. And I dare say there are few if any marketing methods that will get you more bang for your buck.

But it pays to educate yourself first.

Why?  You can't send out crap with this method.  If you send out something that sounds like an ad, you're going to get hammered. I know. I made that mistake the first time.

You have to know the ropes and do this correctly.  And, of course, like anything in marketing or life, it isn't a "sure thing."  I did it. My friends of done. I'll tell you how we did it.  That's all I can tell you.

But I also did promotions that flopped.  That's part of life.  It's an amazing tool and opportunity if you learn the skill and specialized knowledge and do it the right now.

And that's where I come in...and my hotshot secret weapon. If you already see the value in what I'm talking about, you can order now just by clicking here.

Now, the method I just told you about is so stinkin' simple, it only takes me two pages to tell you how to do it.

I can't afford to sell stuff for 5 bucks.  I have staff I have to pay.  Customer service.  Overhead.  All kinds of stuff.

So what I did was added a whole LOT of value.

I have a friend who's incredible.  She knows so much about getting free publicity.  And I've never seen her unique method in print anywhere. It's so easy. Simple. And practical.

That's that thing.

It isn't this big, long dissertation you can't apply.  It's just her ACTION PLAN that has gotten her so much publicity for her products all over the U.S. it's shocking.

And she spends almost nothing on promotion.

Here's what you'll learn

  • The easiest way to get started.

  • How to get your first press release out in no time flat - and get your phone ringing fast!

  • Goof proof formula for your press releases.

  • How to get expert writers to create your articles at no charge. (NO barter. NO hassle. NO problems).

  • How to get media lists on computer diskettes or labels, so getting your releases and articles out is a snap.

  • How many to mail, when and how.

  • The super-slick secret everyone overlooks in how you list your business with directory assistance. A potent trick that can multiply the response to your publicity.

  • A little-known secret of locating photographers to shoot your product photos for 50% less.

  • How to avoid the common mistakes in photos that can obliterate your credibility with publications.

  • Why you should NEVER mention product at the end of your release and what to do instead that pays far bigger dividends.

  • Should notes be handwritten or typed? On a letterhead, postcard or informal stationary?

  • The one vital thing to do with your top 10 publications - and how it can pay off big for you.

  • How to avoid the kiss of death when talking to editors.

  • The one time you should give editors your home phone number.

  • What line should you have editors call on? 24 hour answering service? Home line? Answering machine? Voice mail?

  • Should you mail or fax your release? When can you skip the cover letter and save time and money?

  • Should you sell an individual product or a "package?"

  • Why you may be working too hard at making money.

  • The only time to call editors and what to say (calling at the wrong time about the wrong thing can KILL your relationship in a heart beat).

  • Why this method may be the easiest lead generation system ever invented.

  • What to say if a publication calls (most people screw this up big time, but it's easy when you know what to say).

How Much Will Your PR Cash System Costs?

The price for the PR Cash System is $113.90. You get a complete 120 page transcript of 3-hour interview with Elaine. It's very nicely formatted into a manual you read on our CD.

You can easily print it out. It's the real stuff. The real deal. Not theoretical junk. Not a pitch for Elaine's "publicity" services. It's just no-holds-barred what she does and how she does it.

I mean, this is an action plan you can take and use right away. It's that simple.  No long, bloated b.s. here.  It's just a few simple things you can do that REALLY get results.

Here are a few things you should know:

1. This is a transcription of an in-depth, 3-hour interview made into a nice little manual. It isn't a polished manual. There are a few typos, grammatical errors and so forth. If you can't get by that and just suck up the information, then this is not the product for you.

2. If you're a beginner, it isn't all you'll need. While I wouldn't call the product advanced, neither would I call it a beginner's item.

We haven't covered the basics that are readily available for free on the Net. I didn't figure you'd want to pay for that information. That means you'll want to read through some of the free online resources that I refer you to in the product.

This PR training manual is not intended to tickle your intellectual fancy or convince you that I am a genius nor Elaine. Nor that you're going to make a million dollars or whatever with some magic method.

This is a serious training manual that reveals some of the most down-in-the-trenches, practical PR info I have found.

Paul Maxwell

"You couldn't pay me 10X to give it back!"

... It is undoubtedly the most practical, actionable and surefire system that I have ever seen. As for the triple your money back guarantee - you know where you can stick that. You couldn't pay me 10 times to give it back!

Matt Gagnon

"I rate marketing experts and ..."

As someone who rates and ranks marketing experts, Marlon Sanders is by far and away not only the best marketer I have ever met but also a true "Class Act." Something that is rare in Internet marketing...

Ken Kerr

"Nothing is left out"

I have searched the net from top to bottom--this is by far the best information out there and at a price that everyone can afford--I am extremely pleased!!! Your info has shown me the path through the Internet jungle to do this for myself. Close you eyes, bite the bullet and buy the product -- You'll never regret it!!...

Chayden A. Bates

"1 in 17 sales ratio"

Marlon, just a note to say thank you *very* much for showing me the path from money making wannabe to Internet Marketing Success! Currently, I am producing a 1 in 17 sales ratio (every 17th visitor becomes a customer), making your formula not only helpful, but *proving* it to be a head over heals success!...

Milt Carnes

"Response rocketed 7 times!"

Currently, I run a web based ezine. I was running a banner on my site to promote one of the books that I sell. I used only one of your techniques, the one where you said that I should use plain old regular 'text' instead of using a banner.

Guess what ... it worked like crazy..... my sales have been the most that they have ever been ... about 7 times higher!!!!! I am happy and so is my wife!!! I guess the old adage is true, "All it takes is one idea to change your life forever!"

Marlon ... thank you very much!!!

I Love It,

Steve Howard, Publisher

"One tip saved me hundreds of dollars"

This one tip of yours has saved me hundreds of dollars in just a couple of months. How do I quantify this savings?

Ronald Busby , Rochester, NY

Very pleased!

This is an absolute must have product for understanding marketing for your product or service.

Order today and get our rockin' new
publicity software program as a 30-day bonus!

After 30-days, you'll receive a login to download our software program -- the instant publicity creator.

Just fill in the blanks, click a button and out pops a press release. It's pretty cool.

Now, you still need to know what to write. That's what the course is for. But you'll find the publicity creator to be an invaluable tool.

What's more, if this method doesn't make you at least $300 after you've done two releases, I'll refund your money AND pay you $150 to have a new press release written -- and give you the email address of several writers I've used.

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